Building & Contents Grade II listed by English Heritage. "is a remarkably complete example of a relatively small plant" 

Winners of a Listed Status Award from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  

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The Lister water pump.

    Al Ingle and Mike Glover are working on a Lister stand alone water pump. It will be mounted in the small machine area on the wall.

    An electric motor will be mounted above it to provide power. It will raise water from the tank already in the area and recycle it back.

    Restoration has been a fairly easy project but one thing that was broken was the main pump shaft. This was replaced with a newly manufactured one made in house by Mike. To enable the old shaft to be replaced one of the bearing bushes had to be drilled out which proved to be a somewhat fiddly process. A new bush was also made in house to replace the drilled out one.

    The pump has been bench tested and is currently being mounted on the wall to enable the pipework to be fabricated. The pump will then be removed to finish the paintwork and final touches.

    Currently the pipwork is being fitted to allow the pump to use the waer tank that is already in place and used for other machines.