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Ruston & Hornsby stationary engine.

Ruston & Drummond pedal lathe arrive safely at Coleham Pumping Station.

A Ruston Hornsby PB. 3 HP, horizontal, watercooled engine. This has been kindly donated, along with a Drummond, roundbed, treadle lathe, to the Trust, by Mr. Peter Davidson of Lingen, Herefordshire.

This engine is currently under restoration.

Thanks to Ray Hooley we have found out the following information about this engine:-

Ruston & Hornsby petrol/paraffin engine 8PB 210610, rated 3hp, was sold in January 1941 to agents Coppage & Sons, Brecon. It was fitted with a Lucas RS1-2 magneto.

The ML Type CK1 magneto is not a Lucas, it is made by the ML Co.

The carburettor is Ruston's own make.

May 2016 and the engine once again bursts into life.
After a bit of persuasion the engine is back up and running. For the first time since we received it in a derelict state it has run for the first time in many years. It requires a bit of tweaking but runs reasonably well.

Another success and a great addition to the collection. Be sure to come and see it on one of our open days.