Building & Contents Grade II listed by English Heritage. "is a remarkably complete example of a relatively small plant" 

Winners of a Listed Status Award from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  

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Lister D Type (No2)
We have started work on another Lister D type stationary engine. Keith and Gordon have resurrected the machine from the yard where it has been stored. It is in a pretty grotty state and a lot worse than the last one of it's type they restored.

They are going to try to start it before they proceed with a full restoration - good luck chaps!!

Whilst your Webmaster was sunning himself in warmer climes progress has been fast. see the pictures for the current status (April 2014). More details to follow as they come.

One of the main bearing ball races has been replaced and a coat of paint applied. The flywheel has been skimmed to remove the pitting left after years of local floods have submerged the machine on occasions.

The fuel tank showed the ravages of time. Keith had to dismantle it and knock the dents out before re-assembling it. A good job done there Keith.

A new exhaust and magneto cover had to be manufactured as the originals were missing. This task was carried out by Gordon.

The engine has now been completed except for a couple of small items. Another addition to the pop - pop fleet on open days.